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Christian Lichtenberg lives and works in Switzerland. His explorations are oscillating between chaos and emptiness, between the narrative and the abstract. He is using photography,

video, sound and painting as medias.

On his way, he got some international awards like Grosser Preis Biennale für Fotografie, São Paolo, Brasilien had exhibitions and is represented in collections of museums like

Fondation Beyeler, Kunstmuseum Biel and Instituto Cultural de México, San Antonio, Texas, was shown at the Art Basel and Volta 7, made large and permanent installations (9 floors) in public institutions like Universitätsspital Basel-Stadt and Pharmazentrum Universität Basel-Stadt, and is in private collections like Kunstsammlung Hoffmann La Roche and  Kunst(Zeug)Haus Rapperswil-Jona. There are also quite a number of publications, books like Mirei Shigemori — Rebel in the Garden (Birkhäuser) and catalogues about his work.

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